BVHS Women & Children Homeless Shelter

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BVHS Women & Children Homeless Shelter

(Is a home-care re-integration shelter which seeks to empower and motivate women towards positive change, 6 women and children have been assisted back into mainstream society)


Project Objectives

The purpose of the shelter is to facilitate the care and protection of homeless women & children in Barbados. The need for such a facility was seen within the past few months due to the economy, young pregnancy, loss of home, unstable and extreme weather conditions. Although the shelter has been a project which the organization always wanted to undertake in the past, it became a more pressing issue due to these circumstances.

The shelter which is intended to be a home for women and children for no longer than three months would provide a safe zone at night. Whilst the Salvation Army has a shelter, there is a waiting list and a $50.00 charge to stay (no women and children are allowed), in addition Sir Clyde Gollop’s shelter is only men. Consequently, women and children cannot be accommodated at these shelters and remain on the streets at nights. Our proposed housing-shelter will house 6 women and child per night. Service is on a first-come, first-serve basis, free of charge.


The programme objectives are as follows:

  • To provide assistance in the hurricane season

  • To secure homeless women & children from being abuse while sleeping on the streets

  • To provide night shelter for women and children nightly

  • To provide meals and baths nightly

  • To introduce persons to BVHS programmes

  • To refer client to other agencies (welfare, etc.)

  • To provide counselling and motivation

  • To introduce clients, who need rehabilitation to agencies who can assist them