Looking for ideas on how to get involved in providing help for the homeless? BAEH has opportunities to help no matter what amount of time you have . Whether you’d like to donate our shelter or clothing drive, you’ll find something that is suitable for you.

  • Donate Money – One way to help the homeless is to donate money to BAEH whose mission is to serve the homeless. This organization rely on donations to be able to assist the many homeless on the streets.

You can donate through SurePay, Our banks, Cave Shepherd Card and PayPal.

  • Donate Items – Another way to assist the homeless, especially if you’re not currently in the position to donate money, is to donate used or new items that provide housing for the homeless.

In addition to practical items like clothing and hygiene products, you can donate toys for the children of homeless families. For Females, consider donating famine items.

    • Provide Food – Donate canned or boxed goods to our  food drive or homeless shelter but be sure to contact the organization ahead of time to find out which items they need the most.
    • Volunteer – While the specific volunteer opportunities available will depend on the organizations in needs at the time, some common tasks that BAEH needs help with often includes:
      • Packing boxes with foods for distribution to homeless people
      • Serving breakfast and hot food at a our kitchen
      • Helping homeless people transition and mentorship
      • Training homeless people in a skills
  • Organize Clothing and Food Drive – Want to help the homeless by creating awareness about homelessness in your community? Organizing a clothing or food drive is a great way to do this.

If you’re organizing the drive on behalf of (or in conjunction with) a BAEH that supports the homeless population, please seek our advice or permission in advance what sort of foods or clothing items you should encourage people to donate.

Contact us at bvhs.volunteer@gmail.com