Success Stories of Clients

  • BVHS has been seeking to help him for the past 4 years, and he constantly refused our assistance and so he searched for a job on his own for 4 years without success. He finally came to BVHS after serving two years for burglary at Her Majesty’s Dodds Prison. While in prison, his girlfriend passed away from breast cancer and his 3 children became wards of the state and were placed in a children’s home. Mr. Gazette was assisted on the same day and within 10 minutes of meeting with Mr. Saffrey he was gainfully employed with a roof over his head. Gazette is now employed and seeking custody of his children once again. BVHS recorded Mr. Gazette's case as the fastest case ever to be dealt with in BVHS history.
    Mr. Gazette
  • “After being homeless for nearly a year, I became extremely frustrated with my situation.  I then turned to BVHS for assistance  and within a matter of six months, I was able to turn my life around. I was provided with education programs, counselling, meals , a roof over my head, spiritual guidance and  much more. With BVHS  help  I have now turned my life around and living a very comfortable life, thanks to BVHS”  
  • “I was deported from the USA. Before deportation I was given a list of places to go in Barbados. As I left Barbados as a baby and was now in a position of homelessness, BVHS was the only organisation that assisted me. the Consulate in Miami called and notified BHVS of me. I arrived and spent 3 months in BVHS programme where I was given necessary counselling, mentorship, and was also given a cultural change. I have been successfully reintegrated into society and I am currently employed with a home and have made contact with my Barbadian family”  
  • “Living on the streets for over twenty years the organization has helped me to turn my life around. Had it not been for the feeding programme, I would not have wanted to change my life. I was accepted and  inducted into the first group. I now work for a top construction, but the most satisfying part of my story is that while I was estranged from my family for the time I was on the streets, I am now able to reconnect with them to the point I can now be in my granddaughter’s life”