• Provided are the the number of beneficiaries and people helped by BVHS programmes.


ATC:   October 2014-15 assisted 24 men, from 2011 to date over 50 men have been rehabilitated and re-integrated back into mainstream society with jobs, housing, bank accounts and much more.

DCM: October 2014-15 assisted 160 clients, from 2010 to date 365 have been assisted, with counselling, clothing, food, referrals, educational classes, hair-cuts, breakfast and much more.

LOST: August 2015 & December 2015 still to be recorded, BVHS assisted over 200 persons in August 2014, with December 2014 reaching over 150 persons.  From 2009 to date, over 1000 have been assisted through LOST.

WCHS: BVHS Women & Children Homeless Shelter in July of 2015 have also join BVHS programmes, the programmes is estimated to assist 20 women and 20 children.


NOTE: Please note each programme started different times & year.