On the Road Ministries

On The Road Ministry

(Locates vagrants and homeless persons and introduce them to BVHS services)


Project Objectives

This ongoing programme seeks to meet the immediate needs of vagrants and homeless persons living on the streets, which have no knowledge of BVHS or its programmes, this programme is conducted every Tuesdays and Thursdays, members of BVHS team go on the road and seeks to find new clients and introduce them to our services, while collecting data on the pervasiveness of vagrancy and homelessness in Barbados.


The objectives of this programme are as follows:

  • To introduce new persons to the services (increase due to the economic crises )

  • To provide at least 70 persons with weekly breakfast and 100 with Friday feedings

  • To provide weekly nutritional supplements

  • To introduce clients to BVHS bi-annual sessions where at least 150-200 persons can receive counselling, haircuts, medical care & testing, food items, clothing, etc.

  • Introduce BVHS night shelter

  • Assist individuals with finding accommodations, ID card

  • Survey how many persons are living on the streets especially in the Bridgetown area

  • Survey what clients want from BVHS and how we can better our services

  • Continue assist our existing clients

  • Look for clients who have been MIA for more than a month