Organizational Background

 The organization provides three (3) leading programmes such as:

“At the Crossroad”

ATC is a home-care rehabilitative programme which seeks to empower and motivate individuals towards positive change; so that they will gain insight into the possibilities that can exist for their future. From 2011 to date 52 men have been rehabilitated back into mainstream society.


“Direct Care Ministries”

DCM offers clients access to social services agencies, medical services counselling, educational classes, employment preparation and placement. The organization also liaises with other agencies for the client’s needs. DCM has assisted over 215 men and women from 2010 to date.


“Life Opportunity Superseding Tomorrow”

LOST goals are proposed to meet the immediate needs of Vulnerable and homeless persons while collecting data. To achieve these goals, daily breakfast and dinner are prepared for at least 100-150 clients in addition to our bi-annual events staged to feed, provide food hampers, clothing and medical care and testing for up to 200 clients. LOST has assisted over 750 clients from 2009 to date.


BVHS provides several other programmes and services, Community Partnership for Homelessness (CPH) a community partnership programme, Women & Children Homeless Shelter, Bi-annual Health Fairs, and weekly feeding. Some of our daily services include food (hampers), breakfast, clothing, counselling, hair-cuts, baths, Maths and English classes, lounge area, life/coping skills. BVHS presently assists approximately 70 clients on a day-to-day basis.

BVHS seeks to address the issues of vagrancy and homelessness in Barbados. Barbados as a country has sought to maintain an acceptable standard of living for its citizens through a number of social programs, nonetheless, the country still experiences pockets of poverty and indigence. Government is not always able to service the needs of those who are vagrant or homeless and it has fallen to the intervention of individuals, the private sector, and civil society to assist in the delivery of services to these vulnerable person.

WORD TO LIVE BY: Proverbs 19:17 “If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD–and he will repay you!”