Frequently Asked Questions

1What does BVHS stand for?
BVHS stands for the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society.
2What is the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society?
The Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society is a registered non-profit, non-governmental, charitable organization, charity number #794
3When was it established?
The organization was officially launched on 20 February 2010, but has been operational since October 19th 2009.
4What is the mission of the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society?
"The Mission of the BVHS is “to re-integrate vagrants and homeless persons into mainstream Barbadian society by providing a holistic rehabilitative housing programme that would enable them to develop into healthy productive citizens.”
5What is the difference between a vagrant and a homeless person?
A vagrant is a person whom we consider to be impoverished, unemployed and resides on the street. A vagrant usually has no fixed place of abode, has very limited access to food because his or her daily life relies on begging.

A homeless person is one whom we consider to be living in a dilapidated house or residing in a building or place that is not theirs. This person is not necessarily a vagrant because these circumstances befall them based on losing belongings due to fire or dispute with family whereas the circumstances of a vagrant usually befall them due to drugs and alcohol addiction.

6How do you plan to execute the mission statement?
Our mission is guided through the implementation of four main programmes called At the Crossroads (ATC), Direct Care Ministries (DCM), Life Opportunities Superseding Tomorrow (LOST) and On the Road Ministries (ORM).
7What are these programmes about?
At the Crossroads (ATC): is the spearhead project which aims to take vagrants and homeless persons off of the street by providing them with a rehabilitative housing programme which is filled with activities and sessions that will aid in reintegrating them into society.

Direct Care Ministries (DCM): is based at our current office which provides services for walk-in clients. It provides them with jobs, food and clothing and referrals to assisting organizations such as the Welfare Department, the Psychiatric Hospital, Verdun House and other contributing organizations.

Life Opportunity Superseding Tomorrow (LOST): provides food for over 100 vagrants and homeless persons every week in the city.

On the Road Ministries (ORM): With the assistance of interested volunteers, the case manager who deals with the clients at the organization along with her assistant goes out on the road, from parish to parish, in search of vagrants or homeless persons who may not be able to access our services because of our location.

8How many homeless persons do you help?
There are many vagrants and homeless persons around the island but we are currently assisting approximately 218 vagrants and homeless persons, this number changes daily are person becomes homeless.
9What services does the BVHS provide for vagrants and homeless persons?
Currently we provide food, clothing, counselling and a rehabilitative housing programme, which accommodates our clients for a period of months.
10How is food and clothing provided to these persons living on the streets?
Clothing is donated by the general public who has been giving generously and continuously. Food or groceries (usually canned items) are also donated from the general public as well as from associated sponsors and partners of the organization.
11Where is the organization located?
We are currently located on 1st Floor, 62A Tudor Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael. Barbados W.I.
12How can interested persons stay up-to-date on the organization?
Interested persons can join our Facebook page ‘The Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society’ or our volunteer page ‘Volunteers of BVHS’ which will keep them informed of our activities as well as keep them up-to-date on the undertakings of the organization.
13How can BVHS be contacted?
We can be contacted at 434-2480 or via email, bvhscare@gmail.com