Direct Care Ministries

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BVHS “Direct Care Ministries”

(A daily walk-in programme which offers client’s access to social services agencies, medical, counselling, educational classes, employment preparation and placement, over 400 clients assisted)


Project Objectives

Homelessness can occur at any point in a person’s life and can be as a result of a myriad of reasons. Direct Care Ministry programme offers clients access to social services agencies, medical services counselling, educational classes, employment preparation and employment placement.

The organization liaises with other agencies such as the Welfare Department, Verdun House, Mental Hospital and the National Assistance Board in order to ensure that the clients receive the services that they need. This programme focuses on providing counselling, coping skills, classes, temporary shelter, housing, job placement, food (hampers) and a daily breakfast programme. Successful clients from this programme are then transferred to ATC housing rehabilitation programme.


The programme objectives are as follows:

  • To provide social services to homeless persons, where they will be given food (hampers), clothing, necessary health care and nutritional support.

  • To introduce new clients to ATC with a year.

  • To provide 1-hour weekly counselling to persons. Each person will attend counselling sessions for three months.

  • To provide clients with 1-hour weekly basic reading and mathematical skills classes.

  • To liaise with the Barbados Vocational Training Board and volunteers to provide technical and vocational skills training.

  • To liaise with the Welfare and real estate agents to acquire appropriate and affordable accommodation for clients within a month of entry into the programme.

  • To provide employment for clients within three months of being in the programme. This will be through partnerships with the private sector.

  • To provide on-going support to clients through a mentorship programme.

  • To provide church educational service.

  • To provide recreational tours as part of self-esteem rebuilding.

  • To educate young people on the importance of not becoming homeless.

  • To facilitate public awareness and a prevention programme to keep persons off the street.

  • To referral very client to the necessary agency

  • To be a referral agency for social welfare

  • To provide on-going support to all existing clients