Community Partnership for Homelessness

Project Objectives
BVHS anticipates that this project will provide vagrants living in community access to BVHS services and will reach vagrants who are not aware of the services offered. It is expected that community members will become more involved in helping those persons who are most vulnerable, also that the number of persons living on the streets in communities will be reduced.

Many of our clients have expressed to the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society’s (BVHS) On the Road team that they are not getting support in their communities. Thus, as a result, BVHS’s has proposed the Community Partnership for Homelessness (CPH). The project will be community-based, where clients can receive assistance where they reside. Community managers will be assigned to districts, where they will liaise with BVHS to provide necessary items to assist clients. Clients will be able to access counselling, medical care, food items, clothing and referrals to other services. All managers will be trained and equipped on how to handle homeless and vagrants person. The project will seek to promote community cohesion, provide access to persons in need of BVHS services and to get the community involved in this process.
The programme objectives are as follows:

  • To provide access to BVHS services to all vagrants and homeless persons living outside of the Bridgetown area.
  • To inform vagrants and homeless persons about BVHS’ services.
  • To introduce new persons to the organization.
  • To provide counselling sessions to clients in need.
  • To provide clothing, counselling, haircuts, food (hampers), and medical care.
  • To refer persons to the nearest polyclinic for assistance.
  • To promote community involvement by selecting community managers.
  • Re-unite clients with families in their communities.
  • Provide on the road medical assistance.