Founder & President Kemar Saffrey speaking about BAEH


Partnership BAEH is a recognize organization across Barbados and its partnerships continues to grow among key players for example: • Verdun house, where BAEH referrer clients so they can be rehabilitated and detox from drugs, • Psychiatric Hospital, homeless clients who finishes half-way and quarter-way are sent to BAEH, • Her Majesty Prison Dodds, inmate who are been release from prison without a fix place but who would have also gone through the prison rehabilitation programs, • Airport Immigration, client would of be deported and has no prior knowledge of family or Barbados. • National Assistance Board, who has management over Sir Clyde Gollop Shelter a male operated shelter which BVHS referrer male clients for shelter, • Welfare Department, for client referrals for food vouchers and other welfare assistance. • Counsel General, in New York & Miami to assisted persons been deported back to Barbados. All of these agencies with the exception of Verdun House are state-run agencies which at often times can only do so much. BVHS has also been approached by international organizations, state run agencies and border patrols to assist them with homeless and also in training their members.


For more than a century, one group has been tracking with the tragic conditions of desperate and disenfranchised people in North America. Members of Citygate Network have been on the sidewalks and in the face of what to many has been a faceless problem. Citygate Network-member facilities have a reputation for being havens of hope for all who enter. Founded in 1913, Citygate Network has some 300 members across North America. Each year, Citygate Network members serve approximately 66 million meals, provide more than 20 million nights of shelter and housing, assist some 45,000 people in finding employment, provide clothing to more than 750,000 people, and graduate nearly 17,000 homeless men and women from addiction recovery programs into productive living. The ramification of their work positively influences surrounding communities in countless ways. While rescue is in the name of many of our members, the followers of Jesus running these missions and like-minded ministries see that aspect as just the beginning.